The Production

Three one-hour programs were taped each day and an entire season of episodes were shot in just over two weeks in the studio.  The special challenge of this production was not only the number of completely different games, each with their own special production, electronic and blocking requirements, but also the shear size of the sets.  Super-sized pawns played in “FGN”’s version of Sorry “Sliders” where contestants rolled them down a long runway toward targets of varying value, a giant LED floor appeared beneath the families who jumped on a letter-tile to spell words, and three members of a family are suspended high above the studio floor to play Guessers where a parent tried to guess words acted out by their tethered child and spouse - only to watch them plummet (safely) into a giant box when time was up.  All of these challenges were tackled by the producers, director and crew resulting in an efficient and creative shoot, a hit for The Hub and Zoo Productions, and a shared common experience for Parents and their kids at home, as they gathered each week to enjoy this new hit show.

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The Show

One of the inaugural programs to kick off the new children’s cable channel The Hub, “Family Game Night” quickly became one of the network’s stand-out hits, both with parents and kids alike.  Todd Newton hosts this fast-paced hour pitting two families against each other in spirited and fun competition.  He received the Emmy award for Outstanding Host in 2012 for his work on Family Game Night.   Drawn from the deep library of familiar and hugely popular games in the Hasbro catalog, “FGN” features over 20 super-sized versions of the games we all loved as children.  Twister, Boggle, Sorry, Connect 4, Bop It!, Guesstures, Operation and Scrabble are all played with a “Family Game NIght” twist.  In addition to these familiar games, all new challenges, unique to the TV show, are introduced to the audience for a mixtures of the familiar and new.  All-New episodes are currently airing on The Hub.


Family Game Night